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Hometown: Portland, OR   Genre: Alternative Pop/ Rock  Format: Power Trio (3 Piece)



Tigers of Youth is singer/ guitarist Dave Wentz, drummer Hannah Ellison, and bassist Will Jones.

Upbeat music pulsing with energy, bright edged guitars, and catchy melodies. TOY strives to create tasteful music, accentuated with meaningful lyrics rich with imagery and stories.

Influenced by a wide scope of styles, ranging from the Beatles to modern groups such as “Young the Giant” and “Death Cab”, TOY believes in the power of music to not only bring joy and fun, but also reflect deep, cathartic expressions of the human experience.


“Short but sweet, [this EP] is the kind of music you put on a loop…it leaves you with a healthy amount of appetite and curiosity when it’s done….it’s thick with subtlety.”

    –Keith Adams, Director, Baltimore School of Rock

Booking/ Management Contact: Dave Wentz  (443) 857-8906